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 Influence of magnetic slot wedge on rotor losses and temperature field of PMSM


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 Influence of magnetic slot wedge on rotor losses and temperature field of PMSM

 HUANG Dong-zhu1 LI Wei-li2 WANG Yao-yu2 CAO Zhao-bin2

 ( 1. School of Electrical and Engineering,Harbin University of Science and Technology,Harbin 150080,China; 2. School of Electrical Engineering,Beijing Jiaotong University,Beijing 100044,China)
permanent magnet synchronous motors magnetic slot wedge solid rotor eddy current loss temperature field
TM 351
10. 15938 /j. emc. 2016. 01. 009
 Stator core slots cause the air gap magnetic conductance of the solid-rotor high-voltage PMSM uneven. The harmonic magnetic field makes the temperature of the rotor rise and the electromagnetic properties of the permanent magnets are influenced. A 315 kW,6 kV high voltage solid rotor permanent magnet motor was taken as an example. The 2D electromagnetic step finite element model of the prototype and 3D fluid and solid coupling mathematical model of the entire solid-rotor high-voltage PMSM were es-tablished,and the solution region and boundary conditions for solving equation were given. The accuracy of the established model was validated by comparing with the measured results. On the basis of that,the wedge relative permeability is taken as 3,5,7,9 and the eddy current loss of the rotor was calculated. Each part of the motor rotor and stator temperature distribution were analyzed with magnetic slot wedge having different relative permeability values. The calculation results show that the increase of the relative permeability values of stator slot wedge,the starting torque of the motor is reduced,rotor core eddy cur-rent losses decrease,stator temperature decreases at first and then tends to be stable.



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