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Hybrid MPC design for speed regulation of PMSM with saturation(PDF)

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Hybrid MPC design for speed regulation of PMSM with saturation
DOU Li-hua1; DONG Ling-xun1; FENG He-ping2
1.Department of Information Science and Technology; Beijing Institute of Technology; 2.Department of Intelligent Engineering; Hebei Software Professional Technology Institute
hybrid model mixed logical dynamical hybrid MPC multi-parametric programming
To solve the speed regulation problem of permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM) with voltage and current saturation constraints,the saturation nonlinearities on voltage and current are taken account into the design of controller as constraints during modeling and controller design based on the hybrid system theory.The model was described first in the hybrid system description language to obtain a mixed logical dynamical model.A hybrid model predictive controller(MPC) was designed based on the established mixed logical dynamical model, thus achieving the systematic design of the controller. For reducing computation complexity and on-line computation time, the hybrid MPC was converted to its equivalent explicit form by employing multi-parametric programming techniques. Finally, it was demonstrated by experiments that the hybrid MPC has no overshoot compared with a linear quadratic regulator. The computation complexity meets the needs of real-time control for systems with small sampling time.


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