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Quadratic stable controller design of discrete fuzzy systems(PDF)

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Quadratic stable controller design of discrete fuzzy systems
ZHANG Song-tao12; WANG Shu-juan1
1.School of Electrical Engineering and Automation; Harbin Institute of Technology; 2.School of Logistics; Harbin University of Commerce
fuzzy systems controller design quadratic stability
For the quadratic stable problem of discrete T-S fuzzy systems,a discrete piecewise Lyapunov function was constructed in maximal overlapped-rule groups based on the properties of fuzzy systems with two-overlapped fuzzy partition inputs.And then a new sufficient condition to check the stability of discrete closed-loop T-S fuzzy systems was proposed and proved.This condition only requires finding a common positive definite matrix in each maximal overlapped-rule group.Compared with former stability analysis approaches, this approach can not only overcome the defect of finding a common positive definite matrix but also reduce the number of solving Lyapunov inequalities. In addition, a fuzzy controller was designed to acquire global asymptotically stable fuzzy system models by means of the parallel distributed compensation approach. Finally, for a ship motion system, simulation results demonstrate that the proposed quadratic stable controller is effective.


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