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Synchronized sliding-mode control for multi-induction motors based on adjacent cross-coupling(PDF)

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Synchronized sliding-mode control for multi-induction motors based on adjacent cross-coupling
CAO Ling-zhi1; LI Chun-wen1; NIU Chao1; ZHAO De-zong2; WEI Shang-bei1
1.School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Zhengzhou University of Light Industry; ; 2.Department of Automation; Tsinghua University
induction motors multi-induction motors adjacent cross-coupling control synchronized control sliding-mode control robustness
High precision multi induction motor control is one of the key issues in modern industry and motion control field.Induction motor model is multi-variable and nonlinear,while the simplified one-order induction motor model is widely used in current multi-motor control area,which cannot satisfy the requirements of high precision multi-motor control.Sliding-mode control method was adopted incorporating adjacent cross-coupling control structure in the proposed control strategy based on 4-order field-oriented induction motor model, and a simple technique was used to eliminate the chattering phenomenon within sliding-mode control. Comparing with PID control under adjacent cross-coupling control structure, simulation results illustrate the effectiveness and robustness.


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