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Fuzzy self-adjusting sliding mode decoupling control for gyro stabilized platform(PDF)

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Fuzzy self-adjusting sliding mode decoupling control for gyro stabilized platform
YANG Pu1; LI Qi2
1.School of Automation; Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Nanjing; 2.School of Automation; Southeast University
sliding mode decoupling control fuzzy control boundary layer stabilized platform
To reduce the coupling influence among axes on the control performance of gyro stabilized platform,a fuzzy self-adjusting sliding mode control algorithm was designed.Based on the differential geometry theory,the input-output decoupling control of the stabilized platform was founded.Then,a mode-following sliding mode control was added to it.The sliding mode control adopted the boundary layer structure,and a nonlinear item was used inside the boundary layer.At the same time,the width of the boundary layer was changed by a fuzzy self-adjusting method, which reduced the sliding mode control chattering and increased the decoupling precision effectively. Experiments on the gyro stabilized turntable of a TV guidance head show the effectiveness and feasibility of the decoupling control method. Compared with usual methods, such as PID control, this method has better control performance and improves robustness and tracking precision of the system effectively.


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